Diamond Coral WaterBar
3-second Instant Warm Water Dispenser
7-Day Free Trial

Making baby’s formula can now be done automatically in just 15 seconds with a press of the button! No more hassle and hurry-scurry with Diamond Coral WaterBar! If you’re a new parent, seize this opportunity to enjoy “Diamond Coral WaterBar’s 7-DAY FREE TRIAL” Hurry, limited to the first 50 parents only!

No more hassle and haste with
Diamond Coral WaterBar’s 3-sec Instant Warm Water Technology

State-of-the-state 3-second instant heat technology
50°C warm water for making baby’s formula milk in just 3 seconds
No mixing hot & cold water, no hassle!
No testing water temperature with your wrist
Does not destroy heat-sensitive nutrients in milk
Ideal temperature safe for baby to drink
Compact and convenient design for placing in the bedroom

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