The nanny who takes care of your children’s warm water needs

Home delivery for children 12 years below
Free Trial for 7 days

Children need to drink warm water to be healthy – especially children with cold and weak body constitutions. In reality, it is difficult for our children to mix cold and hot water to make a glass of warm water by themselves. Children who consume cold water are susceptible to illness. Cold water is one key reason why children succumbs to sickness so easily.

DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar, with its innovative 3-second instant heat technology provides 50°C warm water instantly – Keeping children away from unhealthy cold water and enjoy healthy warm water at anytime.

3-second instant warm water dispenser WaterBar

* Cutting-edge 3-second instant heat technology
* Optimal 50°C instant warm water function
*No need to inconvenience children to mix their own warm water
* 3-year old children now understand how to get their own healthy warm water
* Keep kids away from unhealthy cold (ice) water
* Can place in children’s bedroom or anywhere conveniently

The “Warm water” nanny to our children, the 3-second instant warm water dispenser Waterbar is reasonably-priced.
DIAMOND CORAL offers enjoyment of the WaterBar at home on a complimentary basis.

If you have children 12 years below, we offer a free trial of 7 days of the WaterBar for your children (limit to 100 per day).
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