The warmest Father’s Day gift Shower your dad with your loving warmth

Father’s Day is approaching! Are you still thinking what to get your dad to express your care and appreciation?

Dad’s 50 ℃ of Challenge

Give your dad something different this Father’s Day. You do not need to spend a lot to present a meaningful gift to touch dad’s heart. Not many notice that our aging parents should not drink cold water but instead, warm water. A lot of parents need to pick up a heavy water dispenser and mix hot and cold water for some warm water. The process gets more challenging for them to walk through the dark kitchen in the middle of the night for some warm water. Indeed, not an easy feat to drink a glass of warm water at midnight.

50 ℃ warm water with 100% love

This Father’s Day, with a new 3-second instant heat technology, you can serve your dad 50 ℃ warm water with 100% love. Look out for the nationwide roll-out of the 3-second instant warm water dispenser DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar.This innovative 3 seconds instant heat technology, with an intelligent warm water function, it can provide 50℃ warm water instantly. The process is so simple — just press the button, and your parents can enjoy 50 ℃ warm water within 3 seconds from WaterBar! Also, you can place the WaterBar in your parent’s bedroom with its compact size, so convenient! Your parents no longer have to get up late nights in a dark kitchen just to get warm water.

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